Fun Facts

Glinda does not fly in a bubble. 

Why not?  Because she’s only twelve and she doesn’t have her bubble-driver’s license yet! Just kidding.  We actually love the bubble.  We’d like to fly a bubble of our own if we could!  But the bubble was not a part of Baum’s original canon.  It was a very cool special effect created for the iconic 1939 MGM film, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Glinda is not a ‘good witch.’

She’s good, most definitely.  But she’s not a Witch.  She’s a Sorceress.  Believe it or not the two are not interchangeable.  In Oz, magic takes different forms and is achieved by very particular means.   So as a Sorceress Glinda has a different skill set than that of her friend Locasta, who is a Witch.  And she definitely does not use the same methods employed by her ‘frenemy’ Blingle, who’s a Wizard.   The Magical Pathways are defined in A Fiery Friendship based on examples interpreted from Baum’s books.

The ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ is not green.

Another cool addition by the MGM movie people.  We suspect part of the reason the Witch of the West was given her distinctive verdant glow was because the filmmakers saw an opportunity to take full advantage of a new-fangled invention known as ‘glorious Technicolor.’  And it worked!  After all, what’s scarier than a villain the color of pond scum … or broccoli?   In Baum’s books the Witch of the West does have some distinct physical ailments, but none of them are dermatological in nature.

The shoes worn by the Wicked Witch are not red.

Technicolor again.  The movie folks knew those red sparkles would look great on the big screen; far more dazzling than the silver shoes Baum chose to put on his Witch.  In AGES OF OZ not only do we give the Witch her Silver Shoes back, we’ve made them part of a priceless collection of magical artifacts stolen from King Oz in a battle with a very unhappy ending.

The witches are not sisters.

Sounds like it should be the case, but really, it’s not.  Baum never says the Witches are related.   They just all happen to be in a similar line of work—namely terrorizing innocent Oz citizens.   But as far as we know, based on Baum’s books, the four Witches do not share any DNA.  Good thing Wickedness isn’t hereditary!

Is Gabriel Gale a descendant of Dorothy Gale?

Ask him and find out!