AOO: A Dark Descent

Ages of Oz: A Dark Descent (Book 2)_Book 2 Cover (01.2.18)

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On May 15, 2018, Glinda’s dangerous quest to destroy the Wicked Witches continues in AGES OF OZ: A DARK DESCENT, the second book in the series published by Simon & Schuster.

After Glinda and her friends have successfully vanquished one Wicked, their task is far from over as the other Witches of Oz prepare for vengeance!

With the fate of all of Oz hanging in the balance, Glinda struggles to locate a mysterious teacher called Mythra, who is the only one who can guide her in reaching her mystic potential and becoming the powerful Sorceress she is destined to be. While Glinda searches far and wide for her mentor, the fiery-spirited Locasta finds herself undertaking an equally important search—for the Elemental Fairy of Lurl, and the means by which to destroy the second Witch, Marada, Wicked Warrior of the North.

Surprising discoveries await both Glinda and Locasta. Great dangers threaten, formidable enemies lurk, startling secrets abound, and relationships are tested, discovered and renewed. Glinda, Locasta, Ben, and Shade bravely continue their mission teaming up with some very welcome—and very unexpected—allies along the way. Together they prove that there is no hope for the future if one is not willing to learn from the past.

This action-packed second installment in the AGES OF OZ adventure will bring readers deeper into the exciting and mysterious world of Glinda’s childhood Oz as more secrets are uncovered and greater challenges arise.

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