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What does Ages of Oz think about other Oz adaptations?

We are, first and foremost, Oz fans.  Like everyone else, we delight in the reboots, the updates, and the spin-offs in all their various genres and mediums.  And we deeply respect and admire the people who, like us, have worked so hard to create worthy and entertaining Oz properties for a new generation.  In our opinion, the best part about Oz-inspired projects is that every one endeavors to be different … unique, just like Oz itself.

What does Ages of Oz think about L Frank Baum?             

Baum created Oz as a place where there is no end to what can be imagined, and because of that there is quite literally (an literarily) no end to what can be taken away from or brought to it.  Every writer who has followed Mr. Baum into the world of Oz—whether to bring the story to the page, stage, or screen—has done so with fresh eyes and a new voice.  And as the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion taught us, if you visit Oz looking for something new and important, there is no doubt that you will find it.

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What did Ages of Oz keep from the Baum’s ‘origins’?

Some of the iconic Oz staples for which we’ve invented Baum-friendly ‘origins’ include Locasta’s Protective Kiss, The Silver Slippers, the Nome King’s Magic Belt, Glinda’s Golden Thread and Glinda’s Magic Pearl.  Nick Chopper even has a cameo as a love struck (and heroic) young woodcutter, appearing at a point midway through his metallic metamorphosis!  

Why did Ages of Oz start its journey with Glinda?

What we have recounted on our Oz journey (so far) is the tale of a brave young Sorceress who embarks on an adventure to explore the power within her and the responsibility that such power commands.   It is a story about freedom, about friendship, and about taking one’s place in a world that is often difficult to understand.  It is a story about making hard choices, and about celebrating personal triumph.  But most of all it is a story about Oz.  And there’s nothing quite as magical as that!

Why did Ages of Oz start its journey with a book series?

While many successful Oz-inspired properties have been decidedly YA or adult in tone and style, it was important to us to remember that the books of L. Frank Baum were not intended for ‘grown ups’.  He introduced a world designed to excite the minds of children, to reward their curiosity and instill in them a sense of imagination through literature.   In many ways, Baum invented the genre of middle-grade fiction, and we have endeavored to infuse our books with the same wise but playful spirit that made Mr. Baum’s collection the timeless treasure that it is.